by MoShadee



Substance and seeking out the real in everything we do as a people is something that should be valued in this day and age. While mainstream media is pushing shock value and short-attention spanned entertainment, I decided to shed light on various subjects that should include going deeper than the surface.


V e r s e 1

Mister lead the girls on in the house, just to get shit twisted
Wonder why these girls always get vindictive
But, my palm's been itchin' so sonny cool, sonny smooth, minus the dummy moves
There's a lot of things brewing in the pot, your waste small, your ass fat but,
Show me what you got
Not just, just features, in your mind, body and soul...dig deeper
'Cause you ain't no Amber Rose and I ain't Wiz Khalifa
And that ain't no diss either, it's gon' take a lot more than that for you to be a keeper
Till death do us part grim reaper
None of my women naked on the internet, what's your mindset, your story
Please don't bore me, 'Cause I'ma need more than an erection
Baby, I'm trying to learn lessons
Elevate this nigga mind on the m-i-c, or is your heart as cold as December
Can you hook up the stove and whip up the dinner
If you know how I stroll then, you should be a winner

V e r s e 2

But other than that, all is well, all is well
It's been a minute since ya nigga had bars to sell
Even though, it's hard to tell, I took a minute to talk with self
Like how I really felt, how I really feel, 'bout niggas who stab backs
And, chicks who only ride when gettin' the cash stack...
And that homie who's down when something's in it for them
I'm not the who goes through shit again and again, it takes me one time For me to dip in the wind
Don't blow my... high, my vibe, my zone, my zone, my vibe
All my ways and my words is bonafide
The cream of the crop, even though you don't see me a lot, believe it or not...this is nothing
I mean everything I say, no bluffin', everything is on the rise like buns in the oven
She said he's kind of boogey, must be a joke, I was the same way when I was dead broke
Mad faith and a pocket full of hope, my people came here in chains and... on a fuckin' boat
So when you talk that stay humble shit, that's when I get ghost, never Play close to niggas doing the most
Man, these niggas is jokes, you want attention, I want to keep it real
I guess anything for you to try to get a meal, if niggas ain't know the deal Then, now they know the deal
What the fuck is going on for real?"


released June 28, 2015
Feat. D Dand
Prod. by Big Wave



all rights reserved


MoShadee New Jersey

Live Free.

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